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How and Why Hypnosis Helps Smokers Reduce Smoking

My Fee is $250.00

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Common Questions

Normal Concerns

  1. If it is that Easy why doesn't everyone use Hypnosis?
    It's also "EASY" to lose weight. Eat Less, walk more.....That doesn't mean anyone can do it on their own. Besides the Pharmaceutical Industry, Junk Food Producers, and the Tobacco Industry want you to believe it is very HARD TO CHANGE.
  2. It's probably "VERY" expensive!
    The fee is generally equivalent to 50 packs of cigarettes. I've helped many clients save that amount in less than one month. For them, it equals getting a $4,800 a year raise in pay.
  3. How do I know it will work?
    When you stop smoking the same day you see us.
  4. Will I lose control?
    You will be fully awake and fully aware the entire time.
  5. Isn't this just plain "Weird?"
    "WEIRD?" It's just a matter of perspective. Being a Non-Smoker is WISE! Continuing to hurt yourself on a daily basis by smoking could be considered, "WEIRD"
  6. But, What if I am addicted to nicotine?
    I agree with comments made by another Certified Hypnotherapist, Lindsay A. Brady, C. Ht.

    "Nicotine is a drug, but not an addictive drug. Heroin is an addictive drug. Smoking is a habit. If nicotine was addictive, people would get addicted to patches. That doesn't happen. They would always need more nicotine to the point where they would be putting patches all over their body, robbing drugstores for patches, injecting nicotine directly into their veins or smoking ten packs of cigarettes a day. Think about it....because you think you are addicted to nicotine you use nicotine patches to quit nicotine. That would be like telling a heroin addict to take heroin to quit heroin."

    Now, the tobacco companies love having you believe you are addicted to nicotine. I wonder why?