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How and Why Hypnosis Helps Smokers Reduce Smoking

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My Experience With Over 2,000 Smokers Tells Me There Are 4 Reasons Why People Smoke

  1. At a young age they bought into the image of smoking. What I call “Sneaking behind the barn.” They like the devilishness of smoking. Hanging out with their friends being wild and rebellious. Nobody wakes up one day and says…”I am going to be a SMOKER.” They backdoor their way into smoking.

    The first cigarettes a young person smokes taste awful and give them a rush…a hit. Half the people have their first cigarette and say, “This tastes awful, who in their right mind would do this!”……and that is how they always think of smoking.

    Your unconscious mind senses you are happy hanging out with your friends smoking, being devilish and it decides smoking is good for you…that you enjoy it….that it gives you pleasure. Now, once you get that in your mind it is very, very hard to get it out.

    At a young age smokers are bullet proof, they are not worried about cancer, lung disease, a stroke, a heart attack. They are fun, young and crazy…..welcome to smoking.
  2. You then develop the habit of smoking. Smoking is just a habit. You have conditioned yourself to smoke at certain times plus you practice smoking every day. How can you ever forget how to smoke when you practice every day?

    You get out of bed…smoke…cup of coffee…smoke…get in the car…smoke…friend lights up…smoke…have a drink…smoke…have a meal…smoke…get bored…smoke…have sex.
  3. The third and least known reason is when you smoke you develop receptors in your brain that call for nicotine. It is the receptors calling for nicotine that make a person think they are addicted to nicotine. You go for a few hours and when your brain calls for nicotine you feel the withdrawal…the edginess…anxious….the craving. And all you have to do is light a cigarette take a deep drag…let it out slowly….and the nicotine goes into your lungs….into your blood…up to your brain and almost instantly you feel calmer. Because you have calmed the receptors in your brain calling for nicotine, you do feel calmer. All smokers have convinced themselves that cigarettes calm them down….because the nicotine calms the problem that it creates. In a few hours your brain will be calling again….Hello…hello…need a little nicotine. It really is that simple.
  4. Now the fourth reason why you smoke is that you RATIONALIZE….AKA… stupid to yourself. I need a cigarette….I am bored….Cigarettes calm me down…Cigarettes are my best friend….anything to rationalize having a smoke. That is why it is hard to quit. My job is two-fold….one is to get you in a relaxed comfortable state so I can reach in and pull out that part causing you to think smoking has given you pleasure from a young age. The other is to help you stop talking stupid to yourself.